Fight Vaccine Mandates!

This is a resource page. We want to help fight these mandates.

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Before the mandate comes down, the employee should print and hand to the appropriate person (usually the supervisor or someone above that) the EUA notice that was made by the Children's Health Defense.


Once the mandate comes down, DEMAND that it is in writing, or else it isn't valid. Email is good enough, but make sure you save a copy on your home computer.  If they refuse to give it in writing, then write down as best as you can the verbal conversation with all the details:  time, date, place, persons in the conversation.  If possible, record everything.  Colorado has a one-way recording law, which means that only one person has to consent to being recorded.  Since you consent, then the recording is 100% legal and admissible in court.  Best if you record in secret, so that the person will say something to hang themselves.


DO NOT QUIT!!!  Make them fire you if that's how it ends.  After the mandate arrives, you have 2 main choices  

The first choice is to talk to other employees who are not yet injected and figure out how many of you there are.  Then you write a letter to the employer (the higher up boss is better) telling him/her that X% of employees will not comply, so that he/she will be firing all of them on the due date unless the employer changes his/her mind.  With hiring at an all time low due to Biden paying people to stay home, that has been enough for an employer to stop the mandate. 


The second choice is to simply take care of yourself with a medical or religious exemption. This action doesn't change the mandate, so being bold with choice #1 above is better for everyone and fights back against the communism now before it gets too strong.  But if there aren't enough un-injected people around your workplace, then you can do the medical or religious exemption.


Medical exemption must be for a serious medical problem, such as a previous vaccine reaction, serious allergy to the ingredients, previous anaphylaxis, etc.  And then you have to find a doctor that is willing to give you the letter for the exemption.  This exemption is not as strong as a religious exemption unless your medical condition is truly life or death and getting the injection would be life-threatening. 


A stronger option is the religious exemption.  As a civilian, you are NOT asking for an exemption.  You are STATING your exemption.  There is no denial possible.  If the employer "denies" your exemption, then they are discriminating against you based upon your religion.  Big lawsuit that you will win, but they have to fire you.  Do not quit EVER.  NEVER sign the form from the employer, either on paper or online.  Do your own letter ONLY.  Use the sample letters in the link on this website.  Keep the medical reasons and religious reasons separate.  Do not mix them in the same letter. The basis for your exemption is abortion. All 4 of the injections used aborted fetuses in the development of the injections. If you are 100% against abortion of any kind, then you have a religious exemption. In addition, if you are pretty sure that you had Covid before now, you can include that information, but don't emphasize it too much.


And quick reference to the bible verses that you can use if you want to add them, but not required. (these links are also included in the civilian letter):